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In Iliss’ memory, donations will be raised to assist other families and help spread awareness with young girls & boys who are suffering from self-esteem issues due to cancer.

Iliss Marie Benjamin

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A Beautiful Poem Presented in Iliss’s Memory from Her Mom Debbie in Saving Our Daughters’ Book Volume 7

I take each day one at a time, Praying to God for strength of losing my child. I miss her smiles, hugs and laughs, Just to hold her once more in my arms would be such a blast. She fought through the grip of cancer pains, Believing in love, hope and a healing change. She loved creating art with beautiful colors, Giving and sharing, all the time, with others. Appreciating God’s beauty all around us, Hoping to get well enough, just to be on her school bus. I think of her when I see the color pink, And other items she loved, like the bling. Pushing through as I think of how brave she was, Refusing to give up “just because”.

My mind tries to understand this hurt at different moments, Realizing it doesn’t matter. Faith provides peace, among the tears and pity party chatter. The great news is that the hurt and pain can subside, When running God’s race to get to His prize. I will continue to encourage others, to push forward through what makes them sad. Letting all know that the refining process will not always last. As I wait to see Iliss Marie again, My God already told us how to win.